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Choosing Lansing: Sam and Meghan Short

Sam and Meghan Short have spent quality time living in a variety of big cities, but have recently chosen the Lansing area to start their family and establish roots. Meghan spends her day cultivating the next generation of attorneys at MSU, while Sam is dedicated to the continued revitalization of Old Town, with an eye on introducing some hip concept restaurants in the area. Check out what the Shorts have to say about our “small city, big town” community and why their roots are taking to the Lansing soil.

Editor's Pick: Green Drinks Lansing

The Michigan Environmental Council is kicking off a brand new season of drinking and learning, Head over to Tavern on the Square this Friday to hear from a panel of experts leading the $3 million 19-mile Michigan Avenue-Grand River Avenue Corridor Study.

A Tribute to Trumpie

We editors at Capital Gains must confess – we love to highlight all of the awesome on-goings and awesome people here in the Capital region … but Dave Trumpie adds an exhilarating visual component that makes our work even more rewarding.  So today, we pay tribute to the man behind the cam, where he came from and what he plans to do next!

Editor's Pick: "Chili" Winter Evening at Woldumar

Enjoy a warm chili dinner while listening to fantastic music from Lansing's own Powerlight Band. Kick up your heels and dance, then head out for a horse-drawn sleigh ride ... all at Woldumar Nature Center!

Dig that Vaudeville Beat: The Lansing Unionized Vaudeville Spectacle

What happens when you mix ghosts of the Lansing Rust Belt with a delightfully kooky musician whose purpose is fun? The Lansing Unionized Vaudeville Spectacle, that’s what. Singer and founder, Dylan Rogers, explains what this representative and diverse troupe of musicians brings to the Lansing stages via props, skits, unicorns and hypnotic beverages.

Editor's Pick: The Boy In The Bathroom

It's an award-winning musical about a boy living in his bathroom for a year ... aren't you the least bit curious?

Baked Goods That Feed Your Karma

When Anna Kaschner decided to go gluten-free after a kidney transplant, she didn't just change her diet ... she provided the Capital region with a tasty local source for gluten-free goodies through her business, Feed Your Karma.

Editor's Pick: Inaugual MINGLE MLK Jr. After Service Mixer

Are you planning to give back by volunteering on MLK Jr. Day? If so, why not join others for some socializing and networking after a day of service in your community!

Holiday Hiatus

It's that time of year again when everyone (including the staff here at Capital Gains) gets too busy to read all the fun publications they subscribe to. So, we make life easier by taking a break over the holiday season!

Best of Development 2011

Two-thousand-eleven has been a banner year for key development in the Greater Lansing area. It’s not just that there was an influx of any old type of building projects. The kind of development we saw in Lansing this year has been groundbreaking and innovative. They are the kind of projects inspired by collaboration, history and community - furthering growth across the region.

CG's Best Photos of 2011

A year-end issue wouldn't be complete without a recap of some of the awesome mastheads that have graced our publication in 2011.

Viewing The World From A Different Angle

A little over a year ago, Just B Yoga opened its doors, providing donation-based and free yoga, meditation and Tai Chi classes. Today the community is booming, offering people a new path for finding calm, stretching their muscles and their imaginations and looking at life in a new light.

Editor's Pick: Third Annual Launched Event

Join Lansing-area business leaders for a celebratory event toasting the recent accomplishments of innovators and entrepreneurs in the community.

Editor's Pick: NEO Center Grand Opening

NEO Center is finally open ... join them in celebrating this awesome partnership coming to fruition right here in the Capital region!

Shifting Perspective on the Local Holiday Economy

Holiday business is definitely booming in the Lansing area, but independent business owners don’t simply measure their success in only dollars and cents. The gauge for a profitable holiday season reaches beyond percentages for independents and ultimately does result in both a strengthened economy and, some would argue, more importantly, strengthened relationships and community.
689 Articles | Page: | Show All
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