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Choosing Lansing: Khalid Ibrahim

Meet Khalid Ibrahim: scientist by day, artist by night! Pakistani by early upbringing, Ibrahim has fallen in love with what Lansing has to offer, professionally, recreationally, artistically and culturally. Whether fulfilling his passion behind a camera lens or in working to understand disease in the lab, he strives to be a teller of the diverse stories he considers himself lucky to encounter.

Editor's Pick: Pay It Forward: Sharing the Books

Have you ever read a book that inspired you, brought tears to your eyes or made you to take action? Ever had a book turn your life inside out? If so, bring said book with you to Gibson's Cafe in Downtown Lansing for The World's First Globally Coordinated Book Read Flash Mob.

Speaker Series: Community Collaboration - A Conversation

We all know the Capital region is bursting with talented individuals, organizations, businesses, schools and communities ... but how often are they collaborating? Join us this Friday evening, March 30, for a healthy conversation on community collaboration!

CG Slideshow: VACANT Lansing

Dave Trumpie teamed up with the fabulous Jena McShane of McShane Photography to bring you some of the best photos from VACANT Lansing.

VACANT Lansing: An Event Shrouded in Mystery

Have you been wondering about the curious mystery behind VACANT Lansing? Writer, Kate Tykocki, reveals some of the evening’s secrets and gives some hints on another mystery to come. Scary clowns, dancing unicorns and blind tigers are just the beginning of this little adventure.

The Future of Transportation in Michigan

Writer, James Bruckbauer, explores how the current transportation framework of Michigan cities may have a direct impact on talent retention. Learn how organizations are actively exploring ways to change the outlook of transit systems across the state.

Editor's Pick: Flapjacks for Fenner and Chicago at Everett High School

You had it coming. Fabulous weather, maple syrup and flapjacks ... at Fenner Nature Center! Oh, and if beer, wine and pancakes are not enough to complete your weekend, a little taste of "Chicago" theatrics at Everett High School should do the trick.

Lansing Business Dynasties

The offspring at Granger Associates, Two Men and a Truck and Dean Transportation could go anywhere.  They’re degreed, skilled.  But they are working in their family’s Mid-Michigan companies and are bringing their generations’ green ethic with them. While getting their jobs was no cakewalk, they’re beating the poor odds for family dynasties while making huge contributions to their industries.

Editor's Pick: Lansing Derby Vixens 2012 Season Home Opener

The Lansing Derby Vixens are back with a vengeance this year, with a doubleheader for the season home opener this Saturday!

Thanks for listening, Michigan!

MSHDA and the Michigan Municipal League are proud to announce "The Prosperity Agenda" has won a 2011 MarCom Award for broadcast excellence from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals.

CG Slideshow: NEO Center

Want to see what NEO Center looked like before the slide? Well, here's a "slide" show for you! 

Businesses behind the NEO Center Buzz

You’ve heard the buzz about the NEO Center. You’ve seen the features and the smiling faces of the fabulous founders. Maybe you’ve even taken a ride on the slide. Now meet three of the incubator tenants that are helping to give an old building new life, and the innovative partnership that made Lansing’s first incubator a reality.

Capital Gains Speaker Series: The Growth of Niche Networking Groups

If you live or work in the Capital region and read Capital Gains, then you probably know a thing or two about professional networking. But, what kind of networking are you looking to do in town? Why not come to the Speaker Series on Tuesday, Feb. 28, listen to some live music, get some popcorn and get your toes wet by hearing about some of the many niche networking groups in the area!

All-of-us Express Children's Theatre: Curtain Up on Lansing's Youth

Sure, as an up-to-date person about town, you’re familiar with of the richness of the theatre culture present in the Lansing area. But have you heard about a 23 year old organization that works year-round to help raise the leaders of tomorrow through a truly community theatre experience?  Children, regardless of ‘age, color, creed, gender identity, disability, height, membership in any labor organization, national origin, parental status, political identification, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or weight’, are welcomed with open and supportive arms at All-of-us Express Children’s Theatre. Read on to learn more about the remarkable things happening both on and off the stage.

Choosing Lansing: Amelia Marschall and John Miller

When two student athletes came together in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, it wasn’t exactly love at first sight.   “I couldn’t figure out why this senior was talking to me, a sophomore. I thought it was weird,” says Amelia Marschall, with an infectious grin on her face.   But she gave him a chance, and after a first date of bowling and Red Lobster - “They didn’t have places like Fork in the Road in Marquette,” John Miller is quick to point out - this swimmer and hockey player knew they had something special going on.
708 Articles | Page: | Show All
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